ABUS Fully Insulated Brass Safety Padlock

ABUS Fully Insulated Brass Safety Padlock

SKU: PP-805835

The ABUS Fully Insulated Brass Safety Padlock offers robust protection with its sturdy brass body and either a hardened or stainless steel shackle. It is designed with a sealed lock body featuring a cylinder cover that shields the lock cylinder from debris. This padlock comes equipped with a 5-pin cylinder and a protective vinyl casing that absorbs shocks and prevents damage to painted surfaces. Furthermore, both the padlock body and the shackle are comprehensively insulated to prevent electrical shocks. Typically, these padlocks are supplied keyed differently, but there is an option to have them keyed alike if requested. They are available in two colours: black and blue.

Features of the ABUS Fully Insulated Brass Safety Padlock include:

  • Shackle Diameter: 8mm.
  • Construction includes a solid brass body paired with either a hardened or stainless steel shackle for enhanced security.
  • The lock body is sealed with a special cylinder cover that prevents the ingress of dirt.
  • Equipped with a 5-pin cylinder for additional security.
  • Features a shock-absorbing vinyl casing to protect against scratches on painted surfaces.
  • Both the body and the shackle of the padlock are fully insulated to provide protection from electric shocks.
  • Default configuration is keyed differently, with an option for keyed alike available upon request.
  • Offered in the choice of two colours: Black and Blue.

This padlock is an excellent choice for anyone needing reliable security and enhanced protection against electrical hazards.

  Body Width Body Height Shackle Diameter


53 mm

73 mm

8 mm

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