3M Bolt-On T Connector 95-240mmSq

3M Bolt-On T Connector 95-240mmSq

SKU: 93-EE 705-6-240

3M Separable T-Connector 95-240mmSq


  • Material: Silicone rubber
  • One-piece design, including a built -in capacitive test point
  • Provides a fully screened and submersible system
  • Fast and easy installation
  • All components included to make the installation
  • Meets European standard specifications: Cenelec HD 629.1 S1 and IEC 60502-4
  • Mechanical connector


  • Minimum skill required: no heat, torch or special tools are needed
  • Provides total safety in case of accidental touch
  • Close positioning between 3 phases and to earth
  • Immediately energisable

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