3M Cold Applied Flexible Boot (Set of 3)

3M Cold Applied Flexible Boot (Set of 3)

SKU: 92 EE717-1

3M Barrier Boot System

The 3M Barrier Boot System 92EE717-1 consists of a one piece EPDM rubber body suitable for operating wet indoors under conditions of ambient temperature and loading.

The barrier boot is designed to accommodate bushings of cast resin or porcelain type with diameters between 40.0-70.0mm and is intended for Coldshrink terminations of power cables up to 15kV with extruded insulation from 50 up to 300mm2. Voltage rating maximum 8.7/15(17.5)kV. Suitable for both straight and right angled applications.

Build up kit 92-EE717-1-BSK is available for bushings smaller than 50mm2.

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