SIMAFLEX 45° angle Flat Clamp

SIMAFLEX 45° Angle Flat Clamp

SIMAFLEX 45° angle Flat Clamp

SKU: CA458263P100C290, CA458220100, CA458225100, CA458235100, CA458235100C34

45° angle Flat Clamp

SKUTypeVoltage LevelA (mm)D1 (mm)D2 (mm)Bolt hole pattern
CA458263P100C29045° angle Flat Clamp245kV63100100C290: 4×14 , 45/45Download
CA45822010045° angle Flat Clamp245kVS16-20,99100100N/ADownload
CA45822510045° angle Flat Clamp245kVS21-25,99100100N/ADownload
CA45823510045° angle Flat Clamp245kVS31-35,99100100N/ADownload
CA458235100C3445° angle Flat Clamp245kVS31-35,99100100N/ADownload

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