3MTM Point Marking

Ball Marker

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3M Point Marking provides a reliable and constant reference point for recording position, surpassing surface features and maps. These markers operate effectively in various soil types and are color-coded for easy identification. With customizable options, such as facility data and application details, the 3M iD Model Markers can be accessed in the field or uploaded to your GIS system for comprehensive utility management.

3MTM Point Marking, Unlike surface features, maps and other methods of recording position, the 3MTM Marker is constant point of reference you can depend on.

Feature of 3MTM Point Marking

  • Operate in all soil types; under asphalt cement; and wet or dry soil
  • Are color-coded to APWA standards
  • Provide easy positive identification with each utility having its own frequency

3M iD Model Markers can be customised to include customer-specific information such as:

  • Facility Data
  • Type of application
  • Material type and size
  • Placement date

All of this information can be accessed in the field through a 3M iD model locator,but also uploaded and used with your GIS system.

  Detection/Read Range Type Telephone Power CATV General Purpose Water Waste water Gas
3MTM EMS Near Surface Marker 3ft EMS 1432 1433 1434 1435 1436
2ft iD 1432-XR/iD 1433-XR/iD 1437-XR/iD 1438-XR/iD 1434-XR/iD 1435-XR/iD 1436-XR/iD
3MTM EMS Ball Marker 6ft EMS 1401-XR 1402-XR 1407-XR 1408-XR 1403-XR 1404-XR 1405-XR
5ft iD 1421-XR/iD 1422-XR/iD 1427-XR/iD 1428-XR/iD 1423-XR/iD 1424-XR/iD 1425-XR/iD
3MTM EMS Mini-Marker 6ft EMS 1255 1256 1257 1258 1259
3MTM EMS Full Range Marker 9ft EMS 1250 1251 1252 1253 1254
8ft iD 1250-XR/iD 1251-XR/iD 1248-XR/iD 1252-XR/iD 1253-XR/iD 1254-XR/iD
3MTM EMS Disk Marker 5ft EMS 1411-XR 1412-XR 1417-XR 1418-XR 1413-XR 1414-XR 1415-XR
5ft iD 1411-XR/iD 1412-XR/iD 1418-XR/iD 1413-XR/iD 1414-XR/iD 1415-XR/iD

XR = Extended Range

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3MTM Point Marking Datasheet

For additional technical details about the 3MTM Point Marking please refer to the product datasheet.