3MTM EMS Path Marking Tape and Rope

3MTM EMS Path Marking Tape and Rope

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3MTM EMS Path Marking Tape and Rope, is virtually a maintenance-free solution for marking and locating the path of underground plastic pipes and conduits that helps eliminate the problems and costs associated with tracer wire and test stations.

Feature of 3MTM EMS Path Marking Tape and Rope

  • Can be installed near or above buried assests
  • Easy to follow, create a detectable path above ground
  • For use in open trench and HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) applications
  • Do not require batteries and there is no need to hook up an external transmitter or spend time searching for access points
  • The markers work independently, so even if a section of caution tape is cut or removed, the other markers on the tape will continue to provide an accurate location
  • Come in 5 frequencies creating a uniqute identification for each utility type
DepthRoll LengthMarker SpacingTelephonePowerWaterWaste waterGas
Tapeup to 4ft400m8 ft7611XR7612XR7613XR7614XR7615XR
up to 3ft400m12 ft76117612761376147615
Ropeup to 4ft300m8 ft7701-HTS7702-HTS7703-HTS7704-HTS7705-HTS
up to 4ft300m8 ft7701-R

HTS = Hight Tensile Strength, XR = Extended Range, R = In-Conduit

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3MTM EMS Path Marking Tape and Rope Datasheet

For additional technical details about the 3MTM EMS Path Marking Tape and Rope please refer to the product datasheet. Please note that you would need PDF reader to open the file.