3M Cable Terminations (12/20kV)

3M Cable Terminations (12/20kV)

3M Cable Terminations (12/20kV)

SKU: 92-EP631-2

3M Single Core Cold Shrink Outdoor Termination.

3M Cable Terminations (12/20kV) feature premium power cable termination technology and cover a wider range of cable sizes and types as, accomodating voltages up to 69kV. 3M Cable Terminations (12/20kV) have shorter tails, enabling this product to fit into a wider range of boxes and less installation steps, resulting in less room for jointer error.

3M Cable Terminations (12/20kV) cover a wide application range:

  • 3M Termination 25-70mmSq
  • 3M Termination 25-120mmSq
  • 3M Termination 70-240mmSq
  • 3M Termination 95-300mmSq
  • 3M Termination 120-400mmSq
  • 3M Termination 185-500mmSq
  • 3M Termination 400-1000mmSq

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