Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Tester

Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Tester

SKU: 356A910

Seaward PrimeTest 350 PAT tester. The PrimeTest 350 PAT tester is a ?facilities management tool’ because through data logging and capture, it also records the location of the assets – helping you to meet health and safety standards. We think of it as the world’s most advanced PAT tester.

Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Tester is a downloadable battery operated automatic portable appliance tester that can store over 9000 tests. The Seaward Primetest 350 portable appliance tester uses bluetooth technology to communiciate with ancillary devices such as the test n tag elite printer and scanner. It has predefined automatic test sequences for all types of appliances and users can customise these test settings, if desired. The Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Tester can conduct RCD trip time and loop impedance checks and also record non-electrical measurments such as visual inspections, microwave leakage, weights, pressure etc.

Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Tester features

  • Downloadable
  • 9000 test memory
  • In Situ Rechargeable Batteries (charge time 4 hours)
  • Bluetooth technology for wireless PAT test result transfer
  • Optional 250V / 500V DC Insulation test
  • RCD trip & loop impedance checks

Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Tester kit contents

  • Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Tester 
  • Carry case 

Seaward PrimeTest 350 data sheet Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Tester

This product can also be bought as part of the Seaward Primetest 350 Advanced Solutions Kit. Not exactly what you are looking for? Contact us at with your exact requirements, we?re happy to help.

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Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Tester Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Tester please refer to the product datasheet.