Seaward Supernova Plus TIS Kit

Seaward Supernova Plus TIS Kit
SKU: 323A910

The Seaward Supernova Plus TIS Kit is the most comprehensive automatic portable appliance tester on the market. Its a true dual voltage PAT Tester that can be used in both 110V and 230V environments. The Seaward Supernova Plus PAT Tester can store over 5000 tests which can be downloaded to the Seaward Patguard software management program.

Seaward Supernova Plus TIS Kit benefits

  • Downloadable
  • 5000 test memory
  • RCD trip time tests
  • Any appliance, any test incl I.T equipment
  • Dual voltage and flash test capacity
  • Parallel printer port
  • Commonly used by the construction industry, hire Companies, manufacturers and facilities managers

Seaward Supernova Plus TIS kit contents

Seaward SuperNova data sheet

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Seaward Supernova Plus TIS Kit Datasheet

For additional technical details about the please refer to the product datasheet. Please note that you would need PDF reader to open the file.