20 Padlock Station with Cover - Filled

20 Padlock Station with Cover - Filled

SKU: 1484BP1106

The Masterlock 20 Padlock Station with Cover is a durable and user-friendly padlock station designed for safety lockout/tagout components. It features a translucent cover that protects the contents from dust and ensures that the padlocks are easily accessible when needed. With its lockable design, resilient polycarbonate material, and reinforced snap-on clips, this station offers secure and convenient storage for padlocks and hasps.

The Masterlock 20 Padlock Station with Cover is a durable, user-friendly padlock station that provides a central location for necessary safety lockout/tagout components. The translucent cover protects contents from dust and grime and ensures the lockout padlocks are there when you need them

Masterlock 20 Padlock Station with Cover features

  • Safety Lockout covered padlock station with 20 of the A1106RED aluminum padlocks, keyed different
  • Also contains 4 – 420 hasps and 4 bags (12/bag) of the 497A tags
  • Exclusive lockable
  • Resilient polycarbonate material provides twice the heat resistance and quadruple the impact strength of typical stations
  • One piece molded construction means no glued hanger clips or tag pockets to ever come loose
  • Reinforced snap-on clips provide easy padlock and hasp storage and removal
  • Station measures 22″ high x 22″ wide x 1-3/4″ deep
  • Includes a no-charge Safety Lockout Padlock Key Charting System

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