Masterlock Personal Lockout Kit - Valves & Electrical

Masterlock Personal Lockout Kit - Valves & Electrical

SKU: 1457VE410KA

The Masterlock Personal Lockout Kit is a comprehensive kit that combines and organises commonly used electrical and valve lockout devices. It includes three 410 red Xenoy padlocks that are keyed alike, providing convenience and consistency in locking procedures. The kit also features a circuit breaker padlock, lockout hasp, snap-on red hasp, adjustable cable lockout, and gate valve covers of different sizes. Additionally, it includes two Seal Tight ball valve lockouts for effective lockout of ball valves. This kit is designed to provide individuals with the necessary tools to safely and efficiently lock out valves and electrical equipment.

Masterlock Personal Lockout Kit (valves & electrical) combines and organizes commonly used electrical and valve lockout devices.

Masterlock Personal Lockout Kit (valves & electrical) features 

  • 3-No. 410 red Xenoy padlocks, keyed alike
  • 1-7C5RED circuit breaker padlock
  • 1-420 lockout hasp
  • 1-427 snap-on red hasp
  • 1-8611 adjustable cable lockout
  • 1-480 gate valve cover for 1″ to 3″ handles
  • 1-481 gate valve cover for 2″ to 5″ handles
  • 1-482 gate valve cover for 4″ to 6.5″ handles
  • 2-468L Seal Tight ball valve lockout
  • 2-491B Grip Tight lockout for wide or tall breaker toggles
  • 3-493B Grip Tight devices for standard size breaker toggles
  • 1-496B Universal wall switch cover toggle and paddle switch
  • 1 bag of 12-497A Danger Tags

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