COVID-19 Protection

Keep your customers and staff safe and protected with our complete range of COVID-19 PPE. Responding to the threats now posed during the coronavirus pandemic, we have IN STOCK large quantities of Masks, available for immediate despatch. These include KN95 Face Mask (FFP20) and the 3-Ply Protective Mask. Our wide of range of COVID-19 PPE also includes Face Shields, Gloves, Wipes, Hand Sanitiser, Sanitiser Dispensers, COVID-19 Signage and a selection of Sanitisation Stations, designed by us and exclusive to you.

Stay safe. Stay protected. Save lives.

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  • Infra Red Forehead Thermometer
    SKU: Forehead

    The Infra Red Forehead Thermometer is a non-contact forehead thermometer ideal for testing for the presence of potential COVID-19 cases in the workplace by checking for irregularities in a persons temperature.

    25.00excl VAT30.75incl VAT

  • 3 Ply Masks - Pack of 50 Masks
    SKU: Mask 3-ply

    The 3 Ply Masks Pack contains first-rate disposable 3-Ply Masks. These masks are a strong deterrent against the spread of COVID-19 in your place of work.

    9.00excl VAT11.07incl VAT

  • KN95 Face Mask
    SKU: Masks FFP2

    The KN95 Face Mask Pack contains high quality KN95 Face Masks, which offers the wearer excellent protection against dust, haze, bacteria, droplets with the ability to filter out 95% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air.

    Single Mask Price: €1
    Minimum Purchasable Quantity: 10


  • Reusable Masks – 10pcs/box
    SKU: 082463

    The Blue Washable face masks are Reusable Masks which offers solid protection to the person wearing it. This is due to the fact that the masks are washable up to 60°C.

    55.00excl VAT67.65incl VAT

  • FFP3 Masks
    SKU: FFP3

    We have first-rate FFP3 Masks currently in Stock.These masks are a solid prevention method against the spread of COIVD-19 in your place of work.


  • Protective Isolation Face Shield

    The Protective Isolation Face Shield offers strong protection from both flying debris and the spreading of bacterial diseases by covering the users face fully. The face shield sits more comfortably and is less restrictive than your typical face mask and has very little impact on breathing resistance.

    Single Unit Price: €1
    Minimum Order Quantity: 10


  • Sofamel SP-182 Face Shield
    SKU: SP-182

    The Sofamel SP-182 Face Shield is manufactured to EN 166 standard, and can be adjusted to all kind of safety helmets without needing to modify its characteristics. It offers high level protection from strong impacts as well as bacterial protection.

    35.00excl VAT43.05incl VAT

  • Face Shield With Adjustable Headband
    SKU: 335.0106

    Retractable face shield protecting against liquid splashes. Can be used to protect spreading of infectious diseases. Easy adjustable head circumference in the range of 53-63 cm. Equipped with replaceable sweatbands. Complies with the requirements of EN 166 standard. Increased impact resistance. CE marking.

    30.00excl VAT36.90incl VAT

  • Disposable Rubber Hand Gloves – 100pcs/box
    SKU: Gloves

    The Disposable Rubber Hand Gloves box contains 100 Powder Free Nitrile Gloves. These disposable gloves offer strong protection against bacteria and are very resistant to wear and tear. The latex free glove is also perfect for those with sensitive skin.

    18.00excl VAT22.14incl VAT

  • Wonder Wipes 100 Pack
    SKU: Anti-Bac Wipes

    The Wonder Wipes Pack contains 100 wipes. Each wipe consists of a powerful Anti-Bacterial Additive. The wipes are effective at killing most bacteria found in the workplace.

    12.00excl VAT14.76incl VAT

  • Hand Sanitiser (Alcohol > 60%) 5 Litres
    SKU: Fluid 5L

    This large Hand Sanitiser container holds 5 litres of anti-bacterial gel. The 5l container is the ideal solution is great for filling smaller Hand Sanitiser Dispenser bottles around the workplace.

    30.00excl VAT36.90incl VAT

  • 75cl Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser
    SKU: SS Dispenser Auto

    The 75cl Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser allows for sanitiser to be dispensed onto a person’s hand without them having to touch the dispenser, which is a strong prevention measure against the spread of COVID-19.

    35.00excl VAT43.05incl VAT

  • 1 Litre Manual Sanitiser Dispenser
    SKU: SS Dispenser

    The 1 Litre Manual Sanitiser Dispenser can be used to store and distribute hand sanitiser to people in and around the workplace. The convenient clip-on top allows for quick and easy refilling.

    20.00excl VAT24.60incl VAT

  • SS P10 Sanitisation Station
    SKU: SS P10

    SS P10 Sanitisation Station is a wall mounted
    board solution for the immediate deployment of
    Sanitising Products and other COVID-19 related

    Included with Station

    • 1 x 1L Pump Dispenser
    • 1 x Triple Box Mask & Glove Dispenser
    • Relevant sanitising signage
    195.00excl VAT239.85incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SS P15 Sanitisation Station
    SKU: SS P15

    The Sanitisation Station SS P15 is a compact, portable solution for the immediate deployment of Sanitising Products and other COVID-19 related PPE.

    295.00excl VAT362.85incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SS P20 Sanitisation Station
    SKU: SS P20

    The SS P20 is a highly efficient Sanitisation Station, ensuring a safer working environment for you and your co-workers. The station will offer many opportunities to protect yourself against Covid-19 in the workplace.

    Included with Station:

    • 1 x 1L pump dispenser
    • 1 x Triple Box Mask & Glove Dispenser
    • 1 x Safety Padlock
    395.00excl VAT485.85incl VAT Free Delivery!