Thermal Imaging Helps Identify Insulation Problems

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Hot spots in this thermal image indicate warmth leaking from the building, probably due to faulty insulation.This is a synopsis of a thermal imaging case study that focuses on how thermal imaging (thermography) assists in the energy efficiency audits of a large retail company.

Thermal imaging is powerful tool for determining the energy efficiency of buildings. When executing energy audits, a thermal imaging camera will quickly identify problem areas and compile all the findings into a report.

Thermal Imaging Case Study: The Issue

There has been an increase in attention for building insulation in the recent years with the constant threat of global warming and the soaring energy prices. The retail company wanted to invest in insulation to save money on heating costs, and required a tool to determine whether the building’s insulation was working properly.

Thermal Imaging Case Study: The Solution

To save on their energy bills and get a clear picture of the energy efficiency of the premises the retail group was introduced to thermal imaging. The facilities management team were given lightweight thermal imaging cameras that were easy to use. This meant that an entire building could be scanned from a relatively short distance.Energy Efficiency

The company tool immediate took measures and the building is now quite airtight. With the help of a thermal imaging camera technicians can even predict if and when mould will appear, by combining air humidity and room temperature measurements with the information we collect with the thermal imaging camera.

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