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Powerpoint Engineering Ltd. are proud to invite all that have an interest in Power Quality and Energy Monitoring or Thermal Imaging to our two separate Seminars which will be held on 4th and 5th November 2015 in Maldron Hotel Portlaoise.

We have prepared a special offer for all attendees – you can get 15% discount on any Fluke Power Analyser or Thermal Camera – so visit our Fluke Division – for more info.

Power Quality and Energy Monitoring Seminar will beign on 10AM on Wednesday November 4th, 2015 in Abbeyleix Suite of Maldron Hotel.

Our first guest speaker of the day will be Mr. Simon Worrall from Fluke who will confere about the following:

  1. Principles of Energy Measurements
  2. Strategies to lower your energy bill
  3. Tools to identify and quantify waste
  4. Measure and log power consumption
  5. Identify and measure production process system wastes
  6. Detect energy waste with vibration detection and analysis
  7. Calculate the dollar cost of compressed air
  8. Measure voltage unbalance to calculate waste
  9. Quantify electrical cost of ventilation
  10. How to reduce HVAC costs

After the lunch break our second guest speaker, Mr. Garrett Kelly will be discussing the following subjects:

  1. Retrofitting an Energy Metering System:
    • Client’s expectations of EMS
    • Understanding of how energy is metered
    • EMS Components
    • Clear Specifications
  2. Introduction to Power Quality
    • What is Power Quality
    • Power Quality Electrical Parameters
    • Measurement Techniques and Standards
    • PQ Measurement Tools
  3. Case Studies on Energy Metering Systems and PQ Surveys

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To those interested in Thermal Imaging, our Seminar targeted to that area will be held on Thursday November 5th, 2015 in the same Abbeyleix Suite of Maldron Hotel.

Again the attendence grants you 15% discount on any Fluke Thermal Imaging camera and Power Analyser bought through our Fluke webshop –

During the seminar our Guest Speaker Mr. Simon Worrall will discuss following topics:

  • Introduction to Thermal Imaging
  • Understand the difference between a visual image and a thermal image
  • Realize what the difference means to you to be able to find latent electrical defects like bad connections
  • Understand some limitations of Thermal Imaging
  • Common types of electrical defects in High, Medium and Low voltage that can be detected with a thermal imager
  • Benefits of thermal imaging for improving maintenance practices
  • Tips and tricks on using a Thermal Imager to help detect electrical defects
  • Benefits of Vibration Analysis

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