PAT Testing & Equipment Classification

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When PAT Testing portable appliances, it is essential for the person undertaking the inspections & testing to determine the correct equipment classification.This is paramount, because a specific test sequence exist for each class of equipment.

Classification of equipment are divided into three sections:

  • Class I  – Earthed Appliance
  • Class II – Double Insulated Appliance
  • Class III – Separated Extra Low Voltage

How to identify class 1, 2 & 3 appliances

Class 1 appliances do not rely upon basic insulation only, but also include an earth connection to exposed conductive parts. A class 1 appliance  does not have a symbol indicating its classification.

Class 2 appliances contains supplementary insulation, with no provision for exposed metalwork to be connected to earth. A class 2 appliance is identified with a double insulated marking which is a symbol of a  square within a square  This symbol can be normally found on the appliance/equipment manufacturers plate.

Class 3 appliances are supplied at a low voltage (usually called Separated Extra Low Voltage) which must be less than 50 V. These appliances are supplied with a transformer supply that is also marked.

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