Calibration: Is it really that Important?

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Torque Calibration

Calibration has become a neccessity in Ireland in recent years due to health and safety regulations and quality control. It is critical that every company and service supplier under- stands their role in relation to calibration. Calibration has been a daily occur-rence in the manufactur-ing industry for many years as an essential tool for ensuring their methods are held to a high standard and allowing them to obtain high quality certification, i.e. ISO9001 etc..

Due to Health and Safety regulations, the need for calibration with service providers has increased dramatically. The CER has been devoting themselves to raise the standard in the electrical industry by implementing new regulations, more improved training and has restricted electrical contracting to those that are qualified and certified , with calibration being apart of this initiative. Under the above circumstances, an electrician must have a strong knowledge of  “testing and verification” and must use a trustworthy instrument and that any potential safety concerns can be determined before the customer or any member of the public make contact with the electrical installation.

For example, loop impedance is an important post connection examination but is also one of the more troublesome functions on a tester. If calibration has not taken place on a tester in a couple of years the reading could be getting more inaccurate over time. Any testing done in this period should be rechecked, which will cost the contractor time and money and also negatively affect customer confidence.

Over time all of these new regulations will raise standards in the electrical industry and is something contractors must embrace for their benefit. This will ensure confidence, knowing that the job will have been done to a high standard and should prevent liability in future dealings

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