Why Should I Colour-Code Key Cabinets?

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At Powerpoint Engineering, we offer the ideal solution for organising your key cabinets with our colour coding system. We analyse and administer appropriate colour codes , that we feel best match the specification.


Many Critera are taken into consideration when determining these requirements:

As well as storing keys safely, colour-coding key cabinets also provide convenient location.

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Colour Coding your Safety Padlocks

Safety padlocks can be coloured differently to illustrate the level of risk associated with maintenance and repair operations to be implemented on a certain machine. The familiar method of using red to associate high risk endeavours can be applied to coloured safety padlocks.

We also match padlock colours with their key tags and with them stored together in a padlock cabinet we optimise convenience. 

Organising Colour Codes for Different Keying Systems

Locks Keyed Alike – Generally distributed to a single technician who services a vast amount of equipment, components or energy sources. The correct protocol for of placing the key to the cabinet as soon as the machine is secured for upkeep allows technicians to establish that their surroundings are safeguarded for repair.

Locks Keyed Different – In this set up, each lock has a exclusive key. Each key is colour coded to a padlock and when it is stored in the correct location within colour coded cabinets, an effective and efficient system is created.

Master Keyed Locks – Securing your custom-coloured key cabinets is a perfect solution for supervisors to lodge master key corresponding to an array of locks. Additionally, the above mentioned custom cabinets provide optimal security for keys of group lockout kits and padlock stations ensuring lockout devices are set up and taken back in a controlled manner.

All of our Key Cabinets are simple, safe and painless to use. On offer is a secure and organised system for key storage while locks are dispatched , dramatically lessening the inadvertent energisation of machinery during lockouts.

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