Protective Workware for Arc Flash – Overview

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There are many safety risks to those working in heavy industries or power sectors. Among those risks, a very serious one, Electric Arcs. With all these risks a possibility in the workplace, it is critical that individuals operating in these environments protect themselves efficiently before carryinh out their duties in a work area.

The Imminent Threat of an Arc Flash

Firstly, we must understand the dangers of an arc flash in order to determine the best protective clothing for the job or environment in hand. Statistically, electric arcs are uncommon and unpredictable, but are always a possibility in electrical infrastructures.

Although Arc Life is usually very brief, temperatures are commonly know to reach as high as 19,000°C along with decibel levels up to 165db.

The Purpose of Protective Workwear

Arc-rated protective workwear not only protects workers against thermal and power hazards, but additionally burn related injuries that occur due to melting of synthetic fibres. Natural fibres such as cotton are inflammable, whereas fabric blends based on polyesters, polyethylene and others are likely to vaporise, ignite or melt depending on the properties they inhere.

Therefore, the appropriate protective workwear must efficiently resist melting or ignition of synthetic or natural fibres in everyday wear, which will provide added safety while on the field.

This clothing has also been know to curtail the likelihood of ignition in situations of contact events when “tracking arc flashes” of immensely high voltages breach the integrity of an arc rated garment ti contact and ignite further layers.  

Different types of Protective Workwear

Several types of Arc-rated protective exist that cater to various industries and working requirements,

Arc Flash PPE and PC from from suppliers is accessible through a diverse range of categories, including:

  • Arc Flash Coveralls
  • Arc Flash Switching Suits
  • Arc Flash Jackets & Trousers
  • Arc Flash Waterproof PPE
  • Arc Flash Shirts & Polo Shirts
  • Arc Flash Visors / Face Shields
  • Arc Flash Gloves
  • Arc Flash Balaclavas
  • Arc Flash Underwear

Protective workwear varients have different calorific ratings which allows for the possibility of employers to make sure workers are protected from eletric arcs under most types of weather conditions.

Accessories including arc-rated gloves, boots, balaclavas and face shields also help employers ensure additional safety and enhance the effectiveness of protective garment.

Establishing Compliance

As we know, establishing compliance with IEC’s arc rated clothing requirements, calls for employers to assess, in depth, possible workplace risks and hazards and establish a relationship with a reliable Arc Flash PPE and PC provider to equip their workers with protective gear that best suits against the hazards involved in a certain job


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