Benefits of Utilising a Shadow Board System

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The process of Lockout Tagout varies depending on the specific needs of a workplace. There are many factors to take into account when deciding on the correct lock out tag out process. Factors such as, the size of the operations being processed on the premises and the quantity of people involved, that are directly or indirectly exposed to these work areas. Knowing this information we can efficiently verify the type, number and placement of lockout devices to secure the work area before a scheduled maintenance or an emergency repair job.

It is best practise to locate and store lockout devices in their allocated places and monitor their usage across all facilities. An appropriate shadow board system alleviates the situation, particularly for implementing Lockout Safety processes, with high quality lockout devices from 

Identifying a Shadow Board

Shadow boards are visual representations of a tool board which stores lockout tagout devices at your location. At we can create your shadow boards to suit your needs. It can be customised with visual indications that identify exactly where the device should be situated on the board when it is not being used. The location can have applicable artwork, personalised messages and transparent pockets for instructions.

Advantages of Using a Shadow Board System

Included below are just a few of many advantages to utilising shadow boards in a working environment: 

Orderly Storage of Lockout Tagout Devices

With the quantity of safety padlocks, lockout hasps, tags, MCB and various other lockout devices and the numerous technicians conducting repair and maintenance jobs, it is crucial for employers to make sure every device intended for use in a certain facility are stored in a coordinated manner, making it a simple task to locate them when neccessary.

Increased Productivity
When locating a lockout device, valuable time is saved when a worker does not have to spend time trying to locate a device.

Easy Traceability
Utilising shadow boards means it is clear to see when a lockout device is in use or gone missing. Futhermore,if each device is personalised for a certain employee, it is easy to determine the person who is maintaining or repairing a unit.

Enhanced Responsibility
Individuals using lockout devices from a shadow board handle the apparatus efficiently and return it in the condition they found it in as the easy traceability leads to accountability for an individual using the device.

Efficient Graphical Solution
Visual or graphical solutions have been found to be more efficient than any other form of medium connection. Shadowing each device has proven efficient in assisting people to find the right device without losing time. Additionally. the instruments for devices on the board act as a swift remainder as to how they operate.

Maximised Space Usage also has cabinets and storage boards in stock which can store devices such as padlocks, compact tools,hasps, MCB toggles and tags. When placed beside shadow boards or with suitable visual representations, more space can be saved from unnecessary storage. These shadow board systems come in especially useful for SME’s, who wish to comply to regulations, as statutes and processes can also be featured in a central place.

Shadow Boards as an Investment
Storage and shadow boards are durable units that can tolerate the harsh environments of most industrial units. While a physical copy of instructions has a short life and needs a large quantity of prints to distribute details, on shadow boards instructions can be written that are not easily removed.

These advantages are at their optimal when you choose the right design for your needs

If you wish to hear more on our custom shadow boards, call us on 057 866 2162 or email us here. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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