Using Our Cameras for Steam System Surveys

Reduce Costs, Downtime, Failures and Equipment Damage Today’s facilities engineers are saving of millions of Euros every year with infrared steam system inspections. Significantly improve profitability and reduce your operating, testing and maintenance costs by: Quickly pinpointing faulty equipment Reducing downtime and equipment damage Preventing catastrophic failures Cutting fuel costs and boosting efficiency Targeting maintenance efforts Establishing repair priorities Steam Systems: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You In steam systems, improper heat distribution is a sign of wasted money and impending trouble. Temperature anomalies can indicate blockages, component failures or other common problems. Any one of these faults can … Continue reading

Thermal Imaging Cameras & Predictive Maintenance

Thermal Imaging is the fastest growing non-intrusive predictive maintenance technology on the market today. Thermal Imaging Cameras are now an essential tool for predictive maintenance inspections, and are increasingly being used in industrial environments. Thermal Imaging is the only technology that allows you to immediately ‘see’ what’s wrong.

Powerpoint Engineering Ltd Appointed as Authorised Distributor for Sofamel UK

Powerpoint Engineering Ltd is delighted to announce that its appointment as an Authorised distributor for Sofamel UK. Sofamel S.L. is a Spanish company dedicated to the production of electrical material of connection, as well as safety and electric protection material. Sofamel S.L. main objective has been to reach a high degree of specialization with the aim of providing a global solution for our clients.

IWEA/Wind Skillnet Wind Farms Training Oct 15

Powerpoint Engineering has been invited by Wind Skillnet along with the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) to host a 1 day workshop on non-intrusive condition based maintenance suitable for wind farms. The cost is €244 for company members of IWEA and €350 for non-members and is payable directly to IWEA.

Powerpoint Engineering Ltd Launches Dedicated Websites

Powerpoint Engineering Ltd is proud to announce the launch of three brand new dedicated websites. Our new websites aim to give our large customer base detailed information and support on specific product ranges. – Our new dedicated website for PAT Testing Equipment, PAT Training Services and PAT tester Calibration & Repairs. – Our new dedicated website for Power Quality and Energy Monitoring solutions in Ireland. – Our new dedicated website for Thermal Imaging Equipment (thermal imagers, infrared (IR) cameras) and Thermal Imaging Surveys in Ireland.  Contact us with any questions, we’re happy to help!

FLIR Thermal Imaging – Unique Packages for Utilities Offers

Thermal imaging cameras are used for electrical and mechanical inspections. Electrical installations tend to heat up before they fail. By detecting potential problem areas with a thermal imaging camera like the FLIR T640 thermal imager, both high- and low voltage installations at utilities can be inspected and breakdowns can be avoided. When going undetected these problems can even cause fire.

FLIR Systems Launches TRADE-IN PROGRAM 2012

How much is your thermal imaging camera worth? Trade in your thermal imaging camera before the 31st December 2012, and get up to 20% discount! Replace your old thermal imaging camera with a new FLIR thermal imaging camera during the FLIR Trade-In Campaign and save!

What is Thermal Imaging?

What is thermal imaging? Thermal imaging is also called thermography, and it describes the way in which the human eye is able to see the the infrared end of the spectrum. Thermal imaging is used widely in sectors such as security, the military, navigation and science. Thermal imagers are also incredible useful in the following purposes:

Thermal Imaging Special Offer for Schools & Training Centers

FLIR (known for their thermal imagers/infrared cameras/thermal imaging cameras) is running a special offer for schools and training centers. When electricians, maintenance specialists and building inspectors sign up for thermal imaging training, they should  have access to the most modern equipment.

Thermal Imaging – How it works…

Thinking of getting a thermal imager? Before having a look at our thermal imaging cameras (infrared cameras or IR cameras), why not learn exactly how thermal imaging works…

Thermal Imaging: Measuring Energy Efficiency

How does one ensure a healthy and energy efficient building? By locating problems quickly and efficiently with buildings diagnostic tools such as a thermal imager.

FLIR Launches New FLIR E30, E30bx & i-Series Thermal Imagers

New FLIR E30 & FLIR E30bx Thermal Imaging Cameras FLIR recently the launched an improved model of the FLIR E-Series entry model thermal imager, the FLIR E30. This means that the FLIR E30 thermal imaging camera is now equipped with a visual camera, which produces 2 megapixel images. The FLIR E30 also features an extended temperature range, measuring temperatures between -20°C and +350°C.

Infrared Camera – Detecting Loose or Corroded Connections

Can infrared cameras (also known as thermal imagers, thermal imaging cameras and IR cameras) help to detect loose or corroded connection in electrical systems? Yes they can! And here’s how…

Inspecting Wind Turbines with Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras play an important role in wind turbine predictive maintenance programs.All over the world, windmills are becoming more and more popular for generating electricity. New wind turbines are installed every day globally, but they also require monitoring and maintenance.

Thermal Imaging & Heating and Ventilation Systems

Thermal imaging cameras are ideal tool for the inspection and maintainance of Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, as well as building insulation inspections and electrical maintenance inspections. In places such as hospitals, climate control is very important. HVAC systems ensure both hygiene and comfort for the patients and personnel.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Terminology

Struggling with Infrared Thermal Imaging (IR) terminology basics? We’ve compiled & explained the top IR terms.

Thermography – Most Common Applications

Thermography used to be expensive and difficult. In fact, is was mainly used by mega industrial facilities and the military. These days, thermal imaging is affordable, easy to use and used in every-day applications.

How to Implement an Infrared Thermography Maintenance Program

Developing a successful infrared thermography program involves planning and continued action. The very first thing to do, is to purchase a thermal imager and to get some basic thermal imaging training. Here are the key factors of a successful Thermography Maintenace Program…

Thermal Imaging & Facilities Maintenance

Surface temperature can be quite telling about a building’s structural elements, plumbing installation and electrical systems. Of course, you’d never be able to see any problems or future hazards with the naked eye… which is where a thermal imaging technology comes in. Problems that are invisible to the human eye show up crystal clear when viewed through the lens of an infrared camera (also known as thermal imagers, thermal imaging cameras or IR cameras). Issues are detected and visibly documented with handheld infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras. These buildings issues include: 

Thermal Imaging Cameras & Predictive Maintenance

Thermal imaging is the fastest growing predictive maintenance technology on the market today. Thermal imaging cameras are great tools for predictive maintenance inspections, and are increasingly being used in industrial environments. Thermal imaging is simply the only technology that allows you to immediately ‘see’ what’s wrong. Why Thermal Imaging When It Comes to Predictive Maintenance? In short- predictive maintenance inspections, using thermal imaging technology, save you money.