Fluke Thermal Cameras Special Offer

Powerpoint Engineering Ltd are pleased to introduce a new Thermal Imaging Cameras Special Offer from Fluke. This promotion covers the following models: Fluke TiS20, Ti300 and Ti400. With every purchase you will receive a Smart Device to enhance productivity and ease of use. This is a limited time offer valid until 15th June 2016. For additional information please refer to our dedicated websites: www.fluke-ireland.ie or www.thermalimagers.ie.

Special Offers From Fluke Spring 2015

Special Offer – Installation Testers KITS + free LED Puck Alarm Light Popular Multifunction Installation tester Fluke-1652 / Fluke-1653 / Fluke-1654 now in a great bundle with Free Installation Tester-Software and Fluke-110 / Fluke-130 / Fluke-150 TPOLE Tester.

Seba KMT Cable Test & Fault Location products now available in Ireland ONLY from Powerpoint Engineering!

Powerpoint Engineering Ltd are delighted to announce that effective from 1st November 2014, Seba KMT have appointed us as their sole authorised distributor in Ireland. Seba KMT are part of the Megger Group and are leaders in their field, with a large range of cable test sets for assessing the condition of cable insulation. These include insulation test sets that use AC, DC and VLF test methods, and cable insulation diagnosis equipment for measuring and locating partial discharges in cables and joints, which identifies weak spots during commissioning or maintenance.

Special Offers from Fluke September 2014

Installation Testers NEW KITS + free LED Alarm Puck LED Puck Alarm Light : free to be claimed with the following three new Installation Clampkits NEW INSTALLATION CLAMPKITS KITS

Introducing the new TRD2000/3 and TDR2000/3P dual channel cable fault locator from Megger

TDR2000/3P is a dual channel cable fault locator. It measures the distance to a whole host of cable faults. With its second channel it can test 2 cores at the same time to compare a good core with a bad core or to compare a live trace to one held in the memory.

Powerpoint Engineering Ltd Launches Dedicated Websites

Powerpoint Engineering Ltd is proud to announce the launch of three brand new dedicated websites. Our new websites aim to give our large customer base detailed information and support on specific product ranges. PAT-TESTERS.ie – Our new dedicated website for PAT Testing Equipment, PAT Training Services and PAT tester Calibration & Repairs.   POWERMETERS.ie – Our new dedicated website for Power Quality and Energy Monitoring solutions in Ireland.   THERMALIMAGERS.ie – Our new dedicated website for Thermal Imaging Equipment (thermal imagers, infrared (IR) cameras) and Thermal Imaging Surveys in Ireland.  Contact us with any questions, we’re happy to help!

Special Test Kits for 30th Seaward PAT Celebration

Seaward has linked two of its downloadable testers with a host of free accessories in a special limited edition promotion. For a limited period only, the Seaward PAT Celebration will give away free PAT accessories alongside all Seaward Europa Plus and Seaward Supernova Elite PAT testers sold.

FLIR Thermal Imaging – Unique Packages for Utilities Offers

Thermal imaging cameras are used for electrical and mechanical inspections. Electrical installations tend to heat up before they fail. By detecting potential problem areas with a thermal imaging camera like the FLIR T640 thermal imager, both high- and low voltage installations at utilities can be inspected and breakdowns can be avoided. When going undetected these problems can even cause fire.

FLIR Systems Launches TRADE-IN PROGRAM 2012

How much is your thermal imaging camera worth? Trade in your thermal imaging camera before the 31st December 2012, and get up to 20% discount! Replace your old thermal imaging camera with a new FLIR thermal imaging camera during the FLIR Trade-In Campaign and save!

Thermal Imaging Special Offer for Schools & Training Centers

FLIR (known for their thermal imagers/infrared cameras/thermal imaging cameras) is running a special offer for schools and training centers. When electricians, maintenance specialists and building inspectors sign up for thermal imaging training, they should  have access to the most modern equipment.

PD Scanner EHV from EA Technology

After two years of development and field trials in Australia, EA Technology’s PD Scanner for EHV switchyards is about to launch. The PD Scanner EHV is used for measuring partial discharge activity in open terminal switchyards.