ATEX Safety Inspections

Powerpoint Engineering Limited offers you a complete solution when it comes to all your ATEX requirements. We have the necessary in-house expertise, experience and qualifications in electrical safety to help companies effectively manage fire and explosion risk to atmospheres that are potentially explosive due to the possible presence of dusts vapours or gases likely to ignite or explode.

We provide comprehensive ATEX Safety Services to meet your specific and legal requirements. Our services include:

  • ATEX Consultancy
  • ATEX On-site Inspections
  • ATEX Safety Awareness Training

Our on-site ATEX Inspections range from providing an initial survey of your ATEX requirements to carrying out a complete survey, detailing Part 17 inspections, of all your ATEX electrical equipment, systems and installations. We can detail any remedial works that need to be carried out in an Explosive Protection Document to ensure full legal compliance with European Commission.

If you require this service please email us or phone us on 057 8662162. Please also visit our dedicated ATEX Protection website.